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This Project changed from RS241 first  to RV218 RV258 Z2c, and then to RV218/258 RGN1404, same driver section and interstage and OPT but different outputtubes and rectifier

My new project is an integrated Amp including Main Stage Driver Stages and Volume Control.

I ordered the iron from Mr. Ogonowsky.

One Mains Transformer, two Outputtransformers with Amorph Material and two interstage Trafos for coupling the RS241 to the RL12T15.

The idea for this project came from Tomofines RV239 schematic, and as I am a fan of RS241 i tried to realize this in that manner.

It was long time work always having troubles with Hum, especially when i coupeld with interstage. But now in the end the amp works great and i am very very happy with the sound he delivers.


First of all is planning where to put the parts, the tube sockets, how big shall be the amp....than the  mechanical work. buying the copper plate, drilling the holes, screwing in the parts, here in the picture the amp is already built together and i only show you the outputtransformers before the were hidden under Ogonowskys Transformer Cover.

The Outputtransformer is 12 Kohm, and has 0 ansd 8 Ohm connection


Here you see the Tesla Oil filled Couple C, 0,1µF, 600V


The two interstage Trafos


the interstage, the tubesocket for RL12T15, out of an old RCA chassis, the rosenthal 900 Ohm Kathode resistor for RL12T15 and the golden 330 Ohm Resistor for the Kathode of RS241


the two chokes with 10H from Piemme electra


and here the Alps and tubesockets and coupling C from the other side


as rectifier I can use RGN2004 or RGN2504, even RGN1064 is possible, all a matter of how much B+ I want, on the picture Telefunken RGN2004 with Mesh Anodes in very good condition


REN904 as the inputstage, running with 84 Volts and 1,7V on the Kathode, Kathode Resistor is 600 Ohm


the RL12T15 IDHT, 12,6 Volt heater and Kathode Resistor 900 Ohm, running here with 225 Volts and 10 Volts on the Kathode


Telefunken RS241 DHT with 3,8V heater and 15W Anode power is running here with 390V and 330 Ohm Kathode Resistor, brings 9V on the Kathode, wonderful soundstage


still i have to put the chassis in a wooden frame and do some cosmetics, but I am already very happy with the outcome,

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